We are looking for a freelance sustainability consultant for regular missions to support our awareness and training to Boards of Directors

Job description

We are looking for someone -not employed- to reinforce our work of awareness and training before board members. This will consist in:

  • In close collaboration with Philippe Joubert, prepare briefings, seminars and other speaking opportunities:

    • analysis of the context: audience, country, sector and company’s relevant information;

    • preparation of presentation material with the support of a graphist designer;

    • providing ideas to answer questions that are planned to be asked or anticipated;

  • Ongoing content creation from news, newly published reports, and desk research – the goal is to bring fresh convincing stories to our speeches.

  • Write briefing notes on key topics necessary to strengthen our expertise, for internal or external use.

  • Follow leads and opportunities brought by the team, draft proposals and adapt workstream on content creation and briefings to upcoming opportunities.

  • Depending on your interest, skills, and availability, other missions such as: contributing to our visibility and outreach through blog posts, publication with partners, webinars; further research on specific matters through desk research or interviews on a variety of topics related to business, corporate governance and the environment; development of innovative formats (such as case studies and workshops) for our seminars.

Contract Details

We are looking to contract an independent consultant able to realize various of the listed missions for us until the end of 2021 at least. Those missions would probably represent an equivalent of time of 8 to 12 days a month.

Content of the contract in terms of duration of missions and fee will be determined case-by-case depending on your profile, wish and availability. The fee will be around 250€-300€ per day.

What we are looking for:


  • Fluency in English both written and oral

  • Advanced French level

  • Strong autonomy to conduct the missions

  • Strong wish to influence the impacts of human activities on the environment. An intimate conviction that business is key in this transition but needs to change.

  • Critical thinking and curiosity

  • Capacity of synthesis and writing skills

  • Desire for relaxed and friendly relationships

Optional but appreciated:

  • Bringing diversity to our team! We pay a strong attention to diversity in all its dimensions, in coherence with what we advocate for in the composition of boards of directors.

  • Master’s degree: either in social sciences, political science, journalism, engineering, environmental management, strategic management, …

  • Ability to meet us occasionally in Paris

  • If you have exceptional writing skills, we’ll certainly find a way to benefit from them

  • Ability to develop persuasive speech that lead to actions: strategic thinking, interest for human psychology and group dynamics, empathy and ability to think in someone else’s shoes, etc.

  • Interest for long-term collaboration with us

How to apply

Please fill the form below before 25 of April, and send your CV to antoine.g@earthonboard.org (Please state"Freelance sustainability consultant" and your name in the object of the e-mail).
We might give a fictitious assignment (2-3hours preparation) to select among interested consultants.

Thank you for applying, we will come back to you!