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We inform and help Boards to put sustainability at the centre
of their company strategy

Earth on Board is an ecosystem of sustainability actors dedicated to helping organisations achieve an Earth Competent Board:
Where board members are proficient in sustainability, with the right governance, asking management the right questions.

Recognizing that peer exchange is key to driving transformation, we are working to develop a community of Earth Competent Board members.

In the context of pressing external trends, evolving stakeholder expectations and new disclosure requirements, we support Boards to move beyond short-term financial primacy to refocus on the fundamental purpose of business
and on long-term value creation.

We do this through our innovative tools and through peer exchange to support Boards in aligning governance, expertise and focus around the principles of Earth Competent Boards.

This equips Boards to effectively discharge their fiduciary responsibility and to challenge and advise management on the right direction.

Earth on Board is an ecosystem of leading organisations and individuals working at the highest levels of corporate governance in the field of business and sustainability, including:

University of Cambridge - Institute for sustainability leadership
Do you wish to find out more about how we can help you with your goals? Contact us now.
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