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Why Earth On Board?

Our Vision

Business cannot thrive in a world in shambles

The scale of environmental and social change and the inequality of its impacts are putting the stability and peace of the world at risk. Raw materials are becoming scarcer, levels of biodiversity are declining, pollution is growing and extreme weather events are multiplying.

Companies have a critical role to play in securing a better world

Companies are urged to adapt and build the solution: deploying their unique capacity for innovation and impact at scale to lead the profound transformation ahead.

Boards have a duty to take the lead

The Board and its directors must be at the forefront of an organisation’s response to social and environmental risks and opportunities. This is a consequence of its duties to act in the long-term interest of the company, exercise due diligence and comply with disclosure requirements.

Our Principles

We develop and support
Earth Competent Boards
We are developing a community of Earth Competent Board members
We foster legal, regulatory
and institutional frameworks consistent
with that goal

Boards with members proficient in sustainability, with the right governance, asking management the right questions.

Recognising that peer exchange is key to driving transformation.

Because boards have a duty to take the lead that needs to be enforced.

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