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 It is Boards' duty
to take the lead 

COP21 in Paris was a turning point, where political leaders and society at large called for companies to play a major role in achieving a net zero carbon emission world in the second half of the century. Business has a unique capacity for innovation and impact at scale, making it the natural leader in the profound transformation ahead. With their unique position and responsibilities, Boards have a duty to show the way towards a sustainable and prosperous future for the company.

These are just some of the new environmental and social issues critical for Boards to adapt to; an ever more complex set of interconnected challenges highlighted by the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We support and equip boards to understand their fiduciary duties in relation to sustainability trends; align boards’ expertise, governance and focus with that understanding; and assist Chairs and Directors to challenge and advise their management in the right way.

One thing is now abundantly clear; Boards of directors can no longer say that they did not know about essential sustainability issues such as climate change, business’ role in causing it and its associated risks.

The Cambridge - Earth on Board programme

The challenge for Boards

Boards need dedicated time, tools and the right expertise and structure in order to effectively carry out their fiduciary responsibility in relation to sustainability trends, and to challenge and advise their executive team.

The Cambridge – Earth on Board Programme offers a credible, independent and effective approach to address these needs, providing customised briefing, challenge and guidance on Board engagement with sustainability.


A fully customisable programme

Depending on your needs, the programme offers
the following elements to equip you with knowledge and tools:

  • A one to two hour presentation and review with the board

  • A half-day customised workshop to examine critical trends and implications in depth

  • Targeted ongoing support informed by the board’s new insights and supported by the Earth on Board Toolkit


To find out more about this programme, download the Brochure and visit the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership's Executive Education Website.

Benefits for Boards
Increase awareness and insight

We examine the scale and urgency of the sustainability challenge and the links to the board’s responsibilities, focusing on trends of greatest relevance to the companies’ strategic contexts.

Understand implications for the business model and for the fiduciary duties of Board directors

Understand critical risks, reporting and disclosure requirements, and potential business opportunities, and identify priority implications for your agendas.

Align governance and focus

Informed by examples of leadership from companies worldwide, review your Board’s current approach and capacity for action, including the time you spend on this agenda.

Structure engagement with the management

Become better equipped to challenge and guide your executive team, as well as reviewing progress on the Board’s own priority actions.

"Spent the last two days in Melbourne at Earth on Board seminar on sustainability for non executive directors. There was a real sense of urgency and excitement about the challenges and much very useful material on action and reporting by boards.
Very valuable.”

Rob Campbell, Chair, SkyCity Entertainment Group.

"A powerful and vigorous call to action! Practical, inspiring and challenging. A wonderful opportunity to develop new thinking and approaches to evaluate leadership and contribution to issues. Of the utmost importance to all of us."

Board Director, international institutional investment managers.

"The programme raised awareness of the unknown, confirmed what we are getting right and gave an opportunity to consider alternative."

Board Director, Energy Generation Company.

"Outstanding and impactful! I am now equipped to drive real change."

Board Director, Utility Company.

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