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The Statement of Purpose
and Stakeholders’ expectations

What is the purpose of our company?

What value do we bring to stakeholders?

We help the board express the purpose of the company, the foundation of its license to operate and the values it brings to all stakeholders.

We discuss the involvement of the board in the recognition of significant issues through tools such as the Materiality Matrix.

Earth Competent Boards’ Principles
What should be our guiding principles?

We assist the board in stating the principles it must follow to fulfill its duties and ensure the long-term interest of the company; its principles of functioning, relationship with stakeholders, oversight of risks and opportunities and involvement in reporting requirements.

Governance Assessment, Skills Matrix
ans Sustainability Timesheet
How do we currently function?

We offer a structured way to review the board’s approach to sustainability issues through its governance structure, skill-set and time spent on material issues.

11 Questions for the CEO
Advise management - Ask tough questions

A simple framework to support regular board engagement with the Executive Committee on priority issues around the business context, strategic offer and corporate resources.

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