Sustainability Education Programmes for Directors in Singapore
(online and in-person)

Is your board fit for 21st century sustainability challenges?

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and Earth on Board (EoB) have been collaborating since 2016 to offer education programmes that support Boards to align profitability and sustainability. It offers credible, independent and effective approaches to inform corporate Boards and individual directors about the implications of climate change and wider social and environmental issues for long-term corporate performance.

Through consideration of material risks, opportunities and impacts, and providing insight into transition pathways and commercially-viable solutions, we support Boards to support and challenge executive teams to contribute to progress towards sustainable economies.

Underpinned by concrete board experience, our programmes equip participants with general understanding of the sustainability context in which business operates today and with the forward-looking and international perspective needed to help their company thrive going forward. Building on a permanent link with directors’ role and duties, the programmes highlight the critical sustainability issues for business, explore their implications for the purpose and strategy of the company and discuss the relevant board structure and decision-making processes to adopt in response to emerging risks and changing stakeholder expectations.

2022 training programmes

In 2022, CISL and EoB will offer two different and complementary programmes for Board directors in Singapore:

  • An advanced in-person full-day equivalent Director Programme that will take place on 9-10 October 2022 in Singapore (venue TBC) for a group of 25-30 Singaporean directors

  • A 6-hour online Director programme, which will in May-June 2022, to meet the needs of a larger number of Singaporean directors for baseline and common understanding sustainability training.

Meeting the new SGX requirements

These two programmes presented below are prescribed courses that directors may attend in order to fulfil the new SGX requirements with regard to director’s training on sustainability.

The Cambridge - Earth on Board
Sustainability Education Programmes
for Directors in Singapore

The 6-hour online Director programme

Several sessions will be offered throughout the year, starting Q2 2022.

Download brochure for the online programme.


This programme is addressed at directors who want an introductive approach to understanding the implications of sustainability for their company's strategy and role as directors as well as the new disclosure requirements in Singapore. It provides a baseline understanding of sustainability and brings CISL and Earth on Board deep knowledge, international perspective and advanced experience on the duty and role of boards to help participants to understand the need and ways to integrate sustainability within the company's strategy.

This programme includes a session to help board understand Singapore sustainability reporting regimes and use disclosure to sustain their company’s relationship with all stakeholders including investors.

The programme will consist of 4 online modules of 1.5hours consisting of a presentation by a subject expert followed by Q&A (6hours in total):

  • Module 1: Understanding the global sustainability context for business.

  • Module 2: Board duties and the need to put sustainability at the centre of strategy.

  • Module 3: Sustainability reporting: from compliance to driving progress.

  • Module 4: Board leadership and action


Several options are offered for each module with modules 1 & 2 spread over May 25 & May 26 and modules 3 & 4 spread over June 8 & June 9.


Fee & registration

Price for all 4 modules for one person:

S$ 1,400 per person

If you wish to register three or more directors, please contact Constant Van Aerschot  (, +65 8228 4310) or Antoine Gonthier ( to discuss fees and special conditions.

Click on the button below to complete your registration.

Advanced in-person full-day equivalent Director Programme

9-10 October 2022, venue TBC.

This advanced programme is for directors who already recognize the importance of sustainability and want to go further in their leading role as boards. CISL and Earth on Board will launch this inaugural full-day seminar for Directors in Singapore which will be tailored to the regional context and building upon the successful approach of the annual Non-Executive Director programme we have delivered in Australia since 2017.

Programme aims

To build the knowledge of Directors around important sustainability trends affecting their companies and to enhance their capacity to assess and guide company performance in their role as board members.
The programme  provides a safe space for individual learning, expert guidance and exchange and will be customised to the specific strategic challenges faced by board members.

Further details on the programme including  dates, fees and registration procedures will be shared here shortly.

To register your interest in the programmes or for any questions you may have, please contact Chloe Gibbs ( or our local partner Constant Van Aerschot (

Benefits of the programme for Boards
Increased awareness and insight

Opportunity to explore the scale and urgency of the sustainability challenge and the links to the board’s responsibilities, focusing on trends of greatest relevance to the companies’ strategic contexts.

Understanding of the implications for the business model and for the fiduciary duties of Board directors

The critical risks, reporting and disclosure requirements, and potential business opportunities, and identify priority implications for your agendas.

Alignment of governance and focus

Learning from examples of leadership from companies worldwide, an opportunity to review your Board’s current approach and capacity for action, including the time you spend on this agenda.

Structure engagement with the management

Become better equipped to challenge and guide your executive team, as well as reviewing progress on the Board’s own priority actions.

"Spent the last two days in Melbourne at Cambridge - Earth on Board seminar on sustainability for non executive directors. There was a real sense of urgency and excitement about the challenges and much very useful material on action and reporting by boards.
Very valuable.”

Rob Campbell, Chair, SkyCity Entertainment Group.

"A powerful and vigorous call to action! Practical, inspiring and challenging. A wonderful opportunity to develop new thinking and approaches to evaluate leadership and contribution to issues. Of the utmost importance to all of us."

Board Director, international institutional investment managers.

"The programme raised awareness of the unknown, confirmed what we are getting right and gave an opportunity to consider alternative."

Board Director, Energy Generation Company.

"Outstanding and impactful! I am now equipped to drive real change."

Board Director, Utility Company.