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"Net-Zero" Debunked - A new study by Earth on Board and Deloitte

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Earth on Board has conducted together with Deloitte a study on the concept of carbon neutrality and published in September 2021 a field guide for Board and C-Suite executives to respond effectively to the climate emergency.

The aim of this report is to understand the implications and signification of the term ‘Net-Zero’, and to go further by proposing milestones of truly ambitious climate strategies, relevant and consistent with a carbon neutrality at the planetary level. Earth on Board and Deloitte combined their expertise to propose a conceptual framework broken down between a practical summary for Boards written by Earth on Board and an operational checklist illustrated by Deloitte with existing best practices. We hope that this tailored field guide will help clarify what Net-Zero is and help your business to capture opportunities and thrive in a Net-Zero world.

Net-Zero is flourishing for companies striving for leadership, but we acknowledge that the concept is not yet stabilised with commitments differing in their scopes, time horizons, transformative pathways and emission reduction efforts.

The actual question that should be addressed by businesses is how they would operate in a net-zero emission world. In this framework, companies’ carbon neutrality announcements are, at best, steps which can in no way justify deterring or deferring bold contributions to the collective global Net-Zero journey. An ambitious climate strategy is possible when the company is preparing, across its value chain and stakeholders, for a Net-Zero world, has taken full stock of what this means, and has assessed which activities in its portfolio must be expanded, ceased or transformed.

You can download the full study

Download PDF • 9.22MB

or the 3-pages extract of Recommendation for Boards

Download PDF • 1.44MB

Please contact us at if you want to discuss these matters further or if you want us to intervene before your Board of Directors to discuss what their attitude should be towards Net-Zero.

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